Brian Marshall is an Emmy Award Winning Executive Producer/Director who has been credited with generating over One Billion Dollars in the sales of products and services via Infomercials and TV Show Specials he’s directed and produced over his 35 year career working on Madison Avenue, NY and in Hollywood CA. He has created, produced, and directed on productions for ABC, NBC, HBO, Showtime, A&E, The Golf Channel, FOX Sports, PBS, Regal DRTV and TeleBrands “As Seen On TV”.

A short list of the many successful TV Shows Brian has produced include… Tae-Bo Total Body Workout, Dental White with Morgan Fairchild, King Step Golf Shoes With Arnold Palmer, The Jack Nicklaus Commemorative Flag Collection and The Johnny Mathis 50 Year Anniversary Concert Special.

Michele Gerondeau-Marshall is a longtime TV Journalist, TV Show Host, Writer and Producer. She has worked and appeared on countless TV Shows, Infomercials, Commercials and Medical Educational Videos. Michele is a Guest Host on the QVC Channel and has worked with everything from Skin Care to Electronic products as a TV Spokesperson and Host both on the National and International stage.

We are a TV Show Production & Advertising Agency Specializing in the Production and Distribution of Television Shows, Direct Response TV Infomercials and Online/Social Media Marketing Videos. We own and utilize the same state-of-the-art, Green Screen Technology Based Virtual & Augmented  Reality TV Studios Production System used by ABC, FOX, ESPN, CNBC and other Major Networks. This allows us to produce Broadcast Quality Network Style TV Shows, Podcasts & Videos that can be distributed via National TV Networks, Cable TV Stations or for Online & Social Media Video Marketing & Advertising Campaigns.

Brian and Michele are the Owners, Creators and Producers of a Nationwide Home Shopping Television Channel… “Shop Healthy Living TV”… A New Home Shopping Channel Dedicated To Exclusively Showcasing and Selling Health, Fitness, Wellness and Well-Being Products To Help People “Look Better… Feel Better… and Live Better Lifestyles”

The “Shop Healthy Living TV” Channel is broadcast to roughly 40 Million US Households From Hawaii to Maine on a weekly basis via multiple cable tv networks and satellite tv providers (Comcast Xfinity, Charter Spectrum, Dish Network & Direct TV).

To sell your product on The “Shop HLTV” Channel Call 800.896.0976 or email sellmyproduct@shophltv.com

Watch The "Shop Healthy Living TV" Shopping Channel


Beyond Riches & Fame

National TV Talk Show Series Featuring Candid and Casual Interviews With Hollywood Stars, Professional Athletes, Top Recording Artists and Business Icons Who Share What their Most Prized Possession In Life Is... Beyond Their Fame and Fortune.

Business Spotlight TV Show

For: Nat'l / Regional TV Infomercials & Online Video Mktg. Business Owners, Entrepreneurs and Inventors Showcase and Sell their Unique Products and Services via Network TV Style, In Studio Interviews & Presentations.

Medical Breakthroughs TV

For: Nat'l / Regional TV & Online Video Mktg. Infomercials Showcasing... Nutritional, Skin Care, Pain Relief, Weight Loss, Hair Replacement and other Innovative Products & Services that Promote Overall Health.

America's Best Restaurants

For: Regional Cable TV & Online Video Mktg. TV Magazine Style Talk Show Featuring Some of America's Best Eateries from Casual to Fine Dining Establishments.

America's Top Docs TV

For: Regional Cable TV & Online Video Mktg. Network TV Style Talk Show Featuring Some of Americas Premier... Plastic Surgeons, Cosmetic Dentists, Pain Management, Hair Restoration & Weight Loss Specialist... Showcasing Their Experience... New Technology and Overall Approach to Their Specialty For the Potential New Patients Watching the Show.

America's Top Realtors TV

For: Regional Cable TV & Online Video Mktg. Network TV Style... Talk Show Interviews with Only The Best of The Best Agents and Million Dollar Producers Making the Cut for This Show... To Promote Their Premier Properties and Stellar White Glove Service That Makes Them The Go-To Agents In Their Respective Cities, Towns or States.


Direct Response Tv Infomercial & Commercial Production
Network/broadcast Television Show Production
Tv Media Buying Services - National & Regional
Digital/online Media Buying Services
Fullfilment & Call Center Management Services



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